[Labs-announce] Ubuntu Precise instances will be shut down at the end of this month (Done, and thank you!)

Andrew Bogott abogott at wikimedia.org
Fri Mar 31 14:48:06 UTC 2017

I just deleted the last Precise instances that were remaining in Labs, 
and we've closed https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T143349 and related 

I'm very impressed at how responsive and cooperative you, the users, 
were with this awkward process.  We were able to locate responsible 
people for every single affected project, and folks were especially 
gracious and helpful with the upgrades and migrations.  Thank you!

Keep in mind that the same process is likely to happen again with Trusty 
in 2019.  So if you're building new systems today, best to start with 
Jessie (which is slated to last until at least 2020) and postpone the 

Nice work, everyone!

-Andrew + all of the Labs team

On 3/27/17 9:28 AM, Andrew Bogott wrote:
> There are now four days remaining until the Ubuntu Precise deadline.
> On Friday the 31st I WILL DELETE remaining precise instances, both 
> those that are currently running and those that are in a SHUTOFF state.
> The good news is, we're almost to the goal.  The remaining hosts that 
> I know about are:
> analytics: limn1
> openstack: labs-vmbuilder-precise  (which is mine!)
> wildcat: dannyb
> Please let me know if you need additional assistance with any of the 
> above.  Documentation for this process can be found at 
> https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T143349.
> -Andrew

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