[Labs-announce] rolling outages and reboots on Wednesday, including tools-bastion-02

Andrew Bogott abogott at wikimedia.org
Mon Mar 20 23:19:06 UTC 2017

One of our virtualization hosts (labvirt1001) is exhibiting troubling 
behavior.  Nothing hosted on that box is currently affected, but to be 
on the safe side we're going to evacuate its VMs and run it through some 

The evacuation process is a bit slow and haphazard -- while being 
transferred, any one VM may experience 30-60 minutes of downtime, and 
will be fully rebooted at the end.  The VMs that will be affected by 
this process are:

tools-bastion-02 | tools
citoidtest       | services
clm-web-01       | community-labs-monitoring
db               | cognate
elastic1         | analytics
etherpad01       | etherpad
maps-tiles2      | maps
osmit-tre        | osmit
perf-testing     | mobile
puppet-mailman   | puppet
test-spm-1       | project-proxy
wikidata-mobile  | wikidata-dev
wmt-exec         | wmt

Note that tools-bastion-02 is on that list!  I will be moving that 
system first, at 14:00 UTC on Wednesday the 22nd (that's 7AM San 
Francisco time.)

The other instances will be evacuated over the course of that day, in no 
particular order and at no particular time.  If you require a more 
specific migration window, please respond and let me know.  
Alternatively, if you totally don't care about downtime and are happy to 
have your instance migrated tomorrow instead of Wednesday, that would be 
good to know as well.

Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience.

-Andrew + the Labs Team

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