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Tue Feb 14 12:30:31 UTC 2017

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Hi everyone,

The Wikimedia Foundation Project Grants program launches its third open
call today, February 13.  We will be accepting proposals through March 14
for new ideas to improve Wikimedia projects. <

Funds are available to support individuals, groups and organizations to
implement new experiments and proven ideas, whether focused on building a
new tool or gadget, organizing a better process on your wiki, researching
an important issue, coordinating an editathon series or providing other
support for community-building.

Ideas from the current Inspire Campaign on developing outside knowledge
networks are very welcome. <

We will be hosting weekly proposals clinics via Hangouts for real-time
discussions about the Project Grants Open Call.  Links for Hangouts will be
posted by tomorrow here: <

In addition, we have just launched our new tutorial videos to help guide
applicants through key portions of the proposal writing process: <

We are excited to see your grant ideas that will support our community and
make an impact on the future of Wikimedia projects.  Put your idea into
motion, and submit your proposal between February 13 and March 14! <

Please feel free to get in touch with me (mjohnson at wikimedia.org) or Alex
Wang (awang at wikimedia.org) with questions about getting started with your

Alexandra Wang
Program Officer
Community Resources
Wikimedia Foundation <http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Home>
+1 415-839-6885 <%28415%29%20839-6885>
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