[Labs-announce] (re)Introducing Horizon

Andrew Bogott abogott at wikimedia.org
Thu Mar 31 14:43:08 UTC 2016

     Yesterday afternoon we completed the last major blockers for 
adoption of https://horizon.wikimedia.org as the primary Labs 
VM-administration tool.  Starting today, Horizon should  be your tool of 
choice for:

  * Creation, deletion, starting, stopping of labs instances
  * Management of instance firewalls (aka 'security groups')
  * Creation and assignment of web proxies for Labs instances
  * Assignment of floating IPs to labs instances
  * Manipulation of DNS records associated with floating IPs

     Some of those workflows have already been removed from the Wikitech 
interface; others will be removed in a few weeks after they've had some 
time to settle in.  In any case, I encourage all labs project admins to 
enable 2fa today, and start using Horizon for your day-to-day labs 
management.  Accounts will continue to be managed on Wikitech, and 
credentials are shared between Wikitech and Horizon

     Here is a FAQ, in progress, about the transition to Horizon and 
changes in what we can and can't do with the new interface: 
https://wikitech.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Horizon_FAQ.  Don't hesitate to 
write to me with your questions so I can populate that document with 
actual questions rather than imagined ones.

     In addition to being generally prettier and more feature-rich, 
Horizon should be somewhat easier to maintain and fix than the existing 
OpenStackManager code running on Wikitech.  Additionally, Horizon is 
actively maintained by a team of full-time OpenStack developers, so 
we'll get periodic updates and improvements from them with a minimum of 
work on our part.  That said, Horizon is a newish tool, and our use case 
differs from the default OpenStack case, so there will definitely be 
weird and unexpected behaviors.  Please let me know about these as soon 
as you find them so I can fix things or file issues with the upstream 

     Many thanks to Chris Steipp for writing our 2fa backend, and to 
Alex Monk for jumping in at the last minute and building the proxy 
dashboard that would otherwise have delayed this project by several weeks.


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