[Foundation-l] Wikimedia domains, SOPA, Godaddy and MarkMonitor

Domas Mituzas midom.lists at gmail.com
Sat Mar 10 19:23:22 UTC 2012


I hereby congratulate Wikimedia Foundation switching domains from
pro-SOPA Godaddy to MarkMonitor.

Not that many people know, but MarkMonitor is ahead of the industry in
anti-piracy fight:

* They have systems to do real-time content filtering for ISPs, that
stop peer-to-peer piracy.
* They provide evidence for largest media and entertainment copyright
holders, that is accepted in civil and criminal courts.
* They have state of the art systems to monitor millions of titles on
peer to peer networks and send Cease and Desist letters.

There're way more anti-piracy activities that MarkMonitor does, and
I'm happy that WMF and MM are joining their forces.
I hope it will lead to better Creative Commons license enforcing, as
well as detecting illegal use of content on WMF sites too, some day.


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