[Foundation-l] Community consensus for software changes (Re: Show community consensus for Wikilove)

David Levy lifeisunfair at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 18:04:25 UTC 2011

Erik Moeller wrote:

> As a matter of general practice, the Wikimedia Foundation aims to be
> responsive to the community both before and after the deployment of
> software, but it doesn't obtain community consensus before deploying
> software which it would like to deploy on its sites and services, nor
> does it necessarily write or deploy software changes if a consensus to
> do so exists.

Brandon Harris explicitly stated that "the policy for deployment of
the tool is that it is by request only, and the requesting wiki must
... show community consensus."


That leaves three possibilities:

A) Community consensus was demonstrated at the English Wikipedia.
B) The WikiLove deployment policy was violated.
C) The above statement by Brandon Harris is incorrect.

David Levy

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