[Foundation-l] On certain shallow, American-centered, foolish software initiatives backed by WMF

Etienne Beaule betienne at bellaliant.net
Fri Oct 28 22:35:42 UTC 2011

On incubator only, and probably the WikimediaIncubator extension.  All was
set up.

On 11-10-28 7:31 PM, "Brandon Harris" <bharris at wikimedia.org> wrote:

> On 10/28/11 3:27 PM, Etienne Beaule wrote:
>> It's disabled on certain wikis because of technical problems.
> Oh? I wasn't aware that it had been disabled anywhere as yet.
> WikiLove was not rolled out "en mass"; the policy for deployment of the
> tool is that it is by request only, and the requesting wiki must:
> a) Make sure the tool is localized (via TranslateWiki);
> b) Make sure they have a local configuration; and
> c) Show community consensus.
> So if it was enabled and then *disabled*, I have not heard of this.  Is
> there a bug report I can look to?  Or if you know of a wiki where this
> is the case, I can do a search.
> Thanks!
> -b.

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