[Foundation-l] News from Germany: White Bags and thinking about a fork

Ilario Valdelli valdelli at gmail.com
Sun Oct 23 17:32:32 UTC 2011

On 23.10.2011 19:05, Tobias Oelgarte wrote:
>>> The German poll made clear, that not any category based filter will be
>>> allowed, since category based filtering is unavoidably non-neutral and a
>>> censorship tool.
>> Who the hell are you to forbid me or allow me to use a piece of
>> software? I want to use this category based filter, even if it is
>> unavoidably non-neutral and a censorship tool. And now what?
> We are the majority of the contributers that make up the community. We
> decided that it won't be good for the project and it's goals. We don't
> forbid you to use an *own* filter. But we don't want a filter to be
> imposed at the project, because we think, that it is not for the benefit
> of the project. Point.
> nya~

Which project? de.wikipedia or Commons?

If the filter will be applied to Commons, I assume that de.wikipedia 
must be conform with the decision of the other communities.


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