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John Vandenberg jayvdb at gmail.com
Fri Oct 21 02:19:58 UTC 2011

topic was: Re: [Foundation-l] Letter to the community on Controversial Content

On Fri, Oct 21, 2011 at 5:47 AM, Andreas K. <jayen466 at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 7:19 PM, David Levy <lifeisunfair at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Andreas Kolbe wrote:
>> > Whether to add a media file to an article or not is always a
>> > cost/benefit not is always a cost/benefit question. It does not make
>> > sense to argue that any benefit, however small and superficial,
>> > outweighs any cost, however large and substantive.
>> Agreed.  I'm not arguing that.
>> Your replies seem indicative of a belief that my position is "Let's
>> include every illustrative image, no matter what."  That isn't so.  My
>> point is merely that we aren't bound by others' decisions.
>> David Levy
> David,
> I think we've reached about as much agreement in this stimulating exchange
> as we're likely to. I don't actually know what your position in any specific
> dispute around illustration would be; I don't think we've ever met in one of
> those on-wiki. I don't assume that we'd necessarily be far apart.

Does that mean this stimulating exchange is over!? ;-)
If not, could you both continue this discussion over on Meta,
Wikipedia or in a private email.

There was a 30 post per person monthly "soft" limit on foundation-l.
Is that still in place?
(if its changed, please update [[meta:foundation-l]])

Jayen, you're winning this month at 42 already ;-)

Thomas Morton is coming second with 35.

Jussi-Ville, Nemo, David, Kim, you're at 27, 27, 25 and 25 respectively.

The stats are here

(thanks Erik Zachte)

Somehow David Gerard, Milos Rancic, Kim and Tobias Oelgarte made it to
96, 95, 89 and 83 posts last month.  Last month Thomas Dalton,
Jussi-Ville Heiskanen and I posted 39, 37 and 35 times respectively,
and everyone else was under the 30 post soft limit.

Could the mods please enforce this a bit more.  I think it has been
detrimental to the list to allow so few people to dominate the
discussions here.

John Vandenberg

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