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cimonavaro at gmail.com wrote:
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> > I note that the TV shows the scenes after 9pm, or in other words they
> > apply some filter on the content if only based on time.
> >
> >
> As a person from a more nordic and perhaps even ruder than brazilian
> culture, We did confront a teacher who was in her retirement age with
> images worse than genital piercings. And, yes, she not only blushed
> but turned livid, But she kept on teaching us biology. ! Not saying
> what we did was right, as kids. Not saying she shouldn't have done
> more to get the stuff from being thrown about. But there is a point
> there about tolerances. If an elderly lady was able to keep teaching
> while being bombarded with images of withered old female genitals
> being inserted with electrical appliance cable stashing piping, why
> can't wikipedia? I know this sounds totally offensive on the face of
> it, but surely that is the whole point. Being against censorship only
> matters when there is a potential outrage there...

Perhaps she considered that at her time in life a quite time was more preferable than to deal with a bunch of trollish kids, who shortly would be gone out of her life, and if they ended up failing biology that was their problem, after all she had her career and her pension was secure and the bell would go in a few minutes, and the little fuckers would be on their way home.

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