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Wed Oct 19 19:04:18 UTC 2011

/me does.

And here is why: 70% of the problem with a image stands in WHO IS SEEING IT.
I'm from Brazil and in my country we even have 1 week festival - worldwide
famous - for have several (like hundreds to thousands) of semi naked girls
and boys dancing Samba.

And here is the catch. You know what the Television comment on that? (yes,
is in public television and pass from 9pm to  8 am during 4 days + a
retransmission on a saturday afternoon ), the comments are: "Person X has a
fantasy of YYY", "Girl Z praticed samba for 4 months to that, and she is
dancing really good" or similar. I saw +15 festivals (before I was too young
to be up at 10pm) and never saw as pornography.

That is one the reasons I can tell you that nudity and porn are TWO VERY

PS: A sock account? Really? Don't have balls to write with your own account?
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On 19 October 2011 19:24, ??? <wiki-list em phizz.demon.co.uk> wrote:

> On 19/10/2011 18:52, Fae wrote:
> >> Did I miss anything?
> >
> > Yes, could you clarify who were you trying to launch a personal attack
> > on, or were you trying to offend everyone from a certain culture by
> > showing how much you disrespect them?
> >
> Disrespect? That is odd in odd word to use in a discussion where one
> side maintains that controversial content cannot be pre ascertained;
> that controversial content is culturally biased; that those so biased
> should be educated, against their will if necessary, to be more
> accepting towards content they find objectionable.
> The observation I made was directed at the observation that dumping
> random controversial images onto someone's computer screen was not a
> problem. I know of none that honestly hold that view, do you?
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