[Foundation-l] The image filter: Thoughts on the German/English question

Oliver Koslowski o.nee at t-online.de
Fri Oct 14 08:52:05 UTC 2011


I believe that most points are valid, but I disagree with item no. 11.

The first part has already been mentioned in the thread  following Ting 
Chen's letter with a statement that the board intends to make this a 
visible feature in all Wikimedia projects, and when people probed about 
it, I didn't see Sue (or anyone else) indicating that the Board wants to 
make an exception for projects who reject the idea of filters in their 

And the second part: there's a truckload of other issues I'd rather see 
tackled vigorously instead of spending community time and money  on 
something like a filter mechanism that is of highly dubious value. In 
fact, I don't believe it helps our mission at all.

Am 14.10.2011 05:43, schrieb Andreas Kolbe:
> 11. My suggestion to the Board would be to abandon the idea of the personal image filter for the German Wikipedia – I don't believe it is really needed, and the German community does not want it – but to pursue it vigorously for other projects, including in particular the English Wikipedia and Commons, and taking note of any regional variation in the referendum results.

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