[Foundation-l] Letter to the community on Controversial Content

Bob the Wikipedian bobthewikipedian at gmail.com
Sun Oct 9 21:03:26 UTC 2011

Calm down. No one is "forcing" or "pushing" anything, more like 
"offering". Everything I've read indicates it will be opt-in (though the 
manner for opting in will be easily accessible upon arrival at 
Wikipedia). This will probably be something just as transparent to those 
not using it as is the color picker on various search engines. The fact 
is that a majority of the community expressed it was either a good idea 
or something important to them (interpret that however you care to), and 
Wikimedia finds it important to please the majority of their users.

A few specifications for the filter as they have been expressed so far 
are as follows:

a) Categories or other onwiki tags must not be used for tagging images 
for filtering (the community on multiple occasions that doing so is said 
to violate WP:CENSOR)
b) The opt-in feature must not be intrusive yet easy to find and apply
c) Filters must be designed keeping in mind that there are multiple 
cultures of decency and taboo

I personally think these specifications pose an exciting challenge for 
developers and staff. And if there are organizations willing to fund the 
development and implementation of it, more power to them.


On 10/9/2011 3:29 PM, Tobias Oelgarte wrote:
> That means it will be pushed in no matter if wanted/needed or in respect
> to the local communities? I think that will push over the line of
> acceptability.
> I also want to remember you that the "referendum"/referendumm
> 1. asked the wrong question(s)
> 2. did not mention any of the possible issues beforehand (biased
> formulation)
> 3. left much room for possible implementations
> Im very, very disappointed to see that this data is still not released.
> I requested it a dozen times. Every time i got rejected that it will be
> released later on and that we should stay patient. How many weeks ago
> this request was made? I did not count anymore...
> Seriously pissed off greetings from
> Tobias Oelgarte / user:niabot
> Am 09.10.2011 16:12, schrieb Ting Chen:
>> Hello Tobias,
>> the text of the May resolution to this question is "... and that the
>> feature be visible, clear and usable on all Wikimedia projects for both
>> logged-in and logged-out readers", and on the current board meeting we
>> decided to not ammend the original resolution.
>> Greetings
>> Ting
>> Am 09.10.2011 15:43, schrieb church.of.emacs.ml:
>>> Hi Ting,
>>> one simple question: Is the Wikimedia Foundation going to enable the
>>> image filter on _all_ projects, disregarding consensus by local
>>> communities of rejecting the image filter? (E.g. German Wikipedia)
>>> We are currently in a very unpleasant situation of uncertainty. Tensions
>>> in the community are extremely high (too high, if you ask me, but
>>> Wikimedians are emotional people), speculations and rumors about what
>>> WMF is going to do prevail.
>>> A clear statement would help our discussion process.
>>> Regards,
>>> Tobias / User:Church of emacs
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