[Foundation-l] Blackout at Italian Wikipedia

Federico Leva (Nemo) nemowiki at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 13:33:37 UTC 2011

Thomas Morton, 05/10/2011 12:31:
> On 5 October 2011 11:20, church.of.emacs.ml
>> Are you seriously comparing that italien law to the proposed image filter?
>> Are you aware of the principle of proportionality? What might be okay to
>> do against a law that would kill Wikipedia is different from what is
>> okay to do against piece of software that would most likely have only
>> minor effects for the reader.
> A quote:
> The problem, of course, with the principle of proportionality is that
> usually it is invoked by one of the stakeholders, who blithely misses the
> issue - which is that they are disagreeing over the consequences.
> The point being; for these hypothetical Wikipedians running such a protest
> the consequence of an image filter may not match your own view...

I agree with Tobias that this is a red herring.
I'd like to add that despite the "us vs. them" feeling (WMF against the 
community and so on), I don't think anoyone can miss the difference 
between a "foreign" organization part of your own movement (and which 
runs your website) and the government of your country, with regard to 
effective actions required.
We also have a small precedent, ace.wiki asking readers to boycott 
Wikipedia, an obvious absurd reverted by the global community (long 
story short).


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