[Foundation-l] Blackout at Italian Wikipedia

Oliver Koslowski o.nee at t-online.de
Wed Oct 5 04:33:16 UTC 2011

Am 05.10.2011 06:25, schrieb Aaron Adrignola:
> Should I expect that de.wikipedia would be allowed to stage
> a similar "blackout" should the image filter be implemented against their
> wishes, with the goal of protesting perceived or potential censorship?
You can pretty much count on that. And what'cha gonna do then? De-sysop 
people who
carry out the will of the very community that elected them to be sysops 
in the first place?
Risk a fork of the third-largest Wikimedia project and a relatively 
large (and wealthy) WMF
chapter? Like it or not, while the WMF may own the infrastructure and 
have a vaguely defined
ownership when it comes to the projects, all that counts for nothing if 
you don't have the
community to fill this with life. So try to keep calm and don't come up 
with an 'emergency'
heavy-handed response that you're going to regret.


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