[Foundation-l] Blackout at Italian Wikipedia

WereSpielChequers werespielchequers at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 21:46:51 UTC 2011

Hi Jalo,

Re "Italian police will get my name using my IP" it would be interesting to
know whether the WMF or Google would give the Italian police an IP address
in such circumstances. Perhaps someone from the Foundation could answer that
one, and you might want to ask Google re your Gmail account.

I'm also intrigued as to how this would affect former editors. Would the law
just be interested in current administrators?

There's also the question of retrospective legislation. Especially if the
WMF or anyone else was to keep a copy of the Italian Wikipedia from before
this legislation came into effect. Article 7
the 6th title of
prohibit retrospective legislation. If someone tried to use this law
force an editor  to publish a rebuttal of something posted before the
freeze, then surely that would be retrospective legislation?


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> > Does the proposed law say who is responsible for compliance? I would be
> > surprised if it was anyone other than the WMF. Legally speaking, we're
> all
> > just users of the website
> Maybe you're right, but it's not so obvious. [Sorry for my english] There
> is
> a lawsuit opened by a person against WMItaly, 'cause wikipedia was stating
> something against him (all referenced).
> WMItaly is not related to it.wikip, but the lawsuit is brought, and we have
> to spend money for lawyers 'till the lawsuit conclusion.
> It'll be the same for this law. Italian police will get my name using my
> IP,
> the italian political will bring a lawsuit against me 'cause I didn't
> published his amendment, and I'll have to spend money (too much money, to
> me) 'till the judge will says he's a stupid.
> I cannot do this, almost all it.wikip users cannot do, and so I'll stop
> contributing.
> I remember you, if it's necessary, that the amendment must be published
> without comment and unmodifiable, so we'll have to block all articles in
> which an amandment is required (almost all politicals articles, sport
> players articles, merchandising sellers articles and so on).
> Jalo

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