[Foundation-l] Blackout at Italian Wikipedia

Lodewijk lodewijk at effeietsanders.org
Tue Oct 4 13:40:14 UTC 2011

I think it is fairly easy to make such statements when you live abroad, and
are not directly influenced by its outcomes.

As a side note, if this strike goes through (I could both understand it if
it does, and if it doesn't), I would recommand to add a link to an English
translation at least, for all those foreigners who might be visiting
it.wikipedia as well.

An alternative could be to use a really huge sitenotice, so that people are
forced to scroll down a lot every time - which is very frustrating, but
doesn't deprive you of the actual contents.



No dia 4 de Outubro de 2011 15:23, Thomas Morton <
morton.thomas at googlemail.com> escreveu:

> >
> > Because of such a risk (it’s easily understandable that this rule will
> make
> > encyclopedia articles as pure “frames” for unchangeable text imposed by
> > others), the Italian community has decided, by a vast majority (see
> >
> http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Bar/Discussioni/Comma_29_e_Wikipedia
> > )
> >  to lock both read and write access to encyclopedia articles and to
> publish
> > the following text as full screen sitenotice:
> > http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utente:Vituzzu/comunicato (an English
> > translation is available here:
> > http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utente:Vituzzu/comunicato/en). This
> decision
> > will be implemented as soon as possible, during the next 12 hours.
> >
> Being polite; I'd call that a serious overreaction. Akin to throwing the
> baby out with the bath water!
> I bought my tame Italian lunch and she likes me again; so deigned to have a
> read of this law. As far as we can make out there doesn't seem to be a leg
> to stand on.. or any real likelihood of risk to editors or content...
> In the modern world countries love to try it on and apply their internet
> laws across the world. Fortunately courts tend to give that short shrift.
> > Which, at least, will mean incoming legal issues or inquiries to be
> managed by WMF, withrelated expenses.
> To the extent of a polite response saying "not a chance, sorry", and an
> offer to hand them off to a volunteer to help resolve any issues. Which is
> what happens at the moment :)
> Tom
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