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Sat Oct 1 15:18:12 UTC 2011

On 09/21/2011 03:47 AM, Milos Rancic wrote:
> * Create en.safe.wikipedia.org […]

Then governments/ISPs/institutions could block unsafe-Wikipedia via DNS
blocks. This is, compared to DPI, quite easy.
Using en.wikipedia.org/safe/ might resolve this issue.

> * Create safe.wikimedia.org. That would be the site for
> censoring/categorizing Commons images. It shouldn't be Commons itself,
> but its virtual fork. The fork would be consisted of hashes of image
> names with images themselves. Thus, image on Commons with the name
> "Torre_de_H%C3%A9rcules_-_DivesGallaecia2012-62.jpg" would be
> "fd37dae713526ee2da82f5a6cf6431de.jpg" on safe.wikimedia.org. The
> image preview located on upload.wikimedia.org with the name
> "thumb/8/80/Torre_de_H%C3%A9rcules_-_DivesGallaecia2012-62.jpg/800px-Torre_de_H%C3%A9rcules_-_DivesGallaecia2012-62.jpg";
> it would be translated as "thumb/a1f3216e3344ea115bcac778937947f1.jpg"
> on safe.wikimedia.org. (Note: md5 is not likely to be the best hashing
> system; some other algorithm could be deployed.)

You're counting on there being too many hashes to go through, which is
But there are far fewer images to go through. You'd only have to create
a list of all hashes of all 11 million or so images on Commons and
compare that list to the list of unsafe images on safe.wikimedia.org.
Which is not easy (if you have to download all the files, i.e. if the
files themselves are used for hashing, not only the file name), but
arguably doable.

So, in effect, I don't think your proposal properly achieves what it
tries to accomplish. (Sorry if I misunderstood your proposal)

-- Tobias

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