[Foundation-l] Dead Sea Scrolls

Elias Gabriel Amaral da Silva tolkiendili at gmail.com
Sat Oct 1 10:44:29 UTC 2011

2011/9/27 Harel Cain <harel.cain at gmail.com>:
> We can have our fresh and promising Wikimedian-in-Residence there raise the
> issue with museum staff. This news took us by surprise.
> Apparently, the Google-IMJ project is quite a bit more than simple scanning
> of the material, it involves more hypertextual contextual work.
> Please, a more friendly and less sarcastic attitude will certainly help
> here. The museum has been showing  a great deal of good faith in its GLAM
> cooperation with us, and doesn't deserve this kind of attitude.
> We certainly don't want to run into a collision course with the Museum over
> this thing. The Dead Sea Scrolls are perhaps the museum's most important
> item on display, and a world-class cultural heritage item. Which means that
> as much as it matters to us, it will matter greatly to the museum, this is
> not some secondary work of art which they might turn a blind eye to
> copyright infringement on. We (WMIL) will look into the matter.

In practical terms, what they can do? Wikipedia is hosted in US.
Therefore, for a successful takedown, the museum must sue in US.

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