[Foundation-l] Answer: How do German women feel about the image filter?

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From: Anneke Wolf <anneke.wolf em gmx.de>
Date: 30 September 2011 20:12
Subject: [Gendergap] Answer: How do German women feel about the image

Hello everybody,

let me introduce myself to you. I'm a female editor and long time
volunteer in the german wikipedia. To answer your question: I voted
against the image filter and I didn't have a problem with the vulva
picture on the front page (Ok, I saw better pictures on the front page
over the years, but I was not shocked and did not think this was such
a big thing).
As far as I can overlook the recent discussions on the german
wikipedia, the german blogosphere, facebook and a lot of personal
talks I had to other female editors in the last weeks most of them
thinks exactly the same. Why that? I don't know. Maybe because filters
aren't very popular in germany at all, maybe it's because we have
state schools with a curriculum in sexual education and you can see
those pictures in your school books.

Maybe that wasn't the answer you expected but I had the feeling I had
to answer to this.

Kind regards
Anneke (Kellerkind)

P.S. And, no, I'm not to shy to post on foundation-l but I'm not
interested in subscribing _to_much_ mailinglists, so I'm happy to read
the web-archives (And I will do exactly the same with this list after
this post).

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