[Foundation-l] 1.3 billion of humans don't have Wikipedia in their native language

Thomas Morton morton.thomas at googlemail.com
Sun May 22 23:38:24 UTC 2011

Sorry Milos, systematic bias at work there :)

I mean... English Wikipedia has the largest collection of content, and on
average I would guess that the content is of a higher, or at least a more
complete, quality than most other language wiki's. Computer forensics... is
relatively decent on en-wp; it has a number of foreign language equivilants
but none of them are of particular length or completeness.

What I am really saying is.. alongside the figures of how many language
Wiki's we are missing should be a figure of how many language Wiki's don't
yet constitute a reasonably detailed encyclopaedia.

Just theorizing on a related topic :)


On 22 May 2011 22:18, Milos Rancic <millosh at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 05/22/2011 06:41 PM, Thomas Morton wrote:
> > An interesting "aside" on this would be...
> >
> > What is the quality of the foreign-language Wiki's that currently exist.
> For
> > example; the articles in my specific technical topic area have a few
> foreign
> > language equivalents. Most are two or three lines.
> >
> > It would be interesting to see this question expanded to "what number of
> > languages with more than 1M readers do not have a Wikipedia with a
> > reasonable depth of coverage".
> I haven't understood you. Articles in English Wikipedia are very good
> and English is a foreign language.
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