[Foundation-l] Stalking on Wikipedia

Thomas Morton morton.thomas at googlemail.com
Sun May 22 13:54:32 UTC 2011

Hi Dror K,

Don't get me wrong; I have no knowledge of this dispute (other than you seem
to have been blocked for disrupting Wikipedia) and no real interest in which
side is accurate (though being topic banned and socking is not doing you
many favours).

But I am interested in this specific issue. It appears you have read the
words "private information" and construed that this means personal details
like your name, location - or that your accounts (Wikipedia, email, or
otherwise) have been "hacked". These are *extremely *serious allegations,
and likely to be unfounded.

Private information almost certainly relates to editing habits that give
away associations to the account "DrorK" - or previously disclosed IP
associations. There is nothing illegal in having this information and using
it to enforce this block (in line with policy). Remember; we have no
"rights" to participate in Wikipedia.

If you have *firm *evidence that SD holds private information of another
sort, that he is divulging to people, this is definitely not the place to
bring it up. And having done so, and the way you have done it, does not
reflect well either.

I'm not suggesting you have made these allegations maliciously, I am sure it
is a misunderstanding. But you should pause to consider the seriousness of
what you are alleging prior to doing so, because this is a public mailing


On 22 May 2011 14:40, Dror Kamir <dqamir at bezeqint.net> wrote:

> Tom, since you did not respect my last message here, you force me to
> react. There seem to be "anti-Dror" and "pro-Dror" camps here, and I
> don't like this idea at all. The issue is not entirely personal, even
> though I am personally attacked here by certain people based on their
> mere speculations. And yet, the issue is much wider, and it relates to
> violation of privacy policy and misconduct on behalf of certain admins
> on en-wp, which amounts to unethical actions (and I am careful not to
> suggest a worse scenario). "Supreme Deliciousness" is not a side to this
> discussion. The problem is not the "mouse" but rather the "hole" in
> which he dwells. Naturally, SD would deny he did anything wrong. The
> problem is that certain users go hand-in-hand with him, accept his
> accusations against me, and against people allegedly associated with me,
> without any substantial evidence, hence damaging not only me personally
> but other people as well. Now certain admins also hold private
> information about me, obtained unlawfully or unethically, without
> notifying me, without warning SD for his unacceptable conduct and
> without showing any willingness to address the problem seriously.
> Dror K
> בתאריך 22/05/11 13:54, ציטוט Thomas Morton:
> > Has anyone notified SD about this discussion? Pretty much essential given
> > the allegations made by Dror K (which are clearly unfounded, but may be
> > damaging).
> >
> > Tom
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