[Foundation-l] Interesting legal action

Thomas Morton morton.thomas at googlemail.com
Fri May 20 21:14:20 UTC 2011

> On 20 May 2011 21:21, Thomas Morton <morton.thomas at googlemail.com> wrote:
>>> They won't. Most reputable news sources are not interested in kiss and
>>> tell and there are other ones that are in place for really rather good
>>> reasons to the point where breaking them would probably get you sued
>>> for libel under even US law
>> Heh, what news do you read!
> [[WP:ITN]]
> There other thing to consider is that kiss and tell unless it involves
> someone like Michael Jackson doesn't have much of an overseas market.
>> Almost all of the content is trivial tabloid content of little interest...
>> the injunctions give it a minor twist but probably not enough to invalidate
>> the other BLP issues.  So other than if the financial times splashed it
>> across their front page I doubt any of the stuff hidden by super-injunction
>> is worth having in the articles.
> The Trafigura clearly was of interest (incidentally it appears that
> one of their PR people is trying to edit the Trafigura article). The
> Fred Goodwin one probably is. The rest that I know

Yes, that was my asessment too :-)


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