[Foundation-l] Commons as an art gallery?

Andreas Kolbe jayen466 at yahoo.com
Mon May 16 15:40:52 UTC 2011

There is a long thread on the Commons and Gendergap lists about today's
featured image on Commons:


It's an original piece of art by a Wikimedian, "in the style of" erotic 


The picture was removed from the main page by a WMF staff member, acting as
an ordinary editor, and then restored a few hours later by a Commons admin. 

Aspects of the image that have been discussed include the fact that 

* it has no noteworthy artistic value

* it is used to showcase a Wikimedian's artwork on the project main page

* it lacks educational value, being the work of a non-notable Wikimedian

* it makes the Foundation look puerile

* it might turn off serious educators

* it might turn off older people

* it might turn off schools

* it might turn off women

* it might turn off institutions owning valuable content from donating to the Foundation

* it is the victim of cultural fascism directed against manga/anime

* it is the victim of prudery

* it is the victim of censorship

* not showing the image on the mian page would undermine the Foundation's mission

etc. etc.
This is really a Foundation topic though. Are projects' main pages there to 
showcase Wikimedians' fine art? If yes, then why do we not have songs by 
unsigned garage bands "in the style of ..." as featured media of the day?

Should the Foundation establish guidelines on what type of content to feature
on project main pages?

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