[Foundation-l] Bring your kids to Wikimania?

Delphine Ménard notafishz at gmail.com
Fri May 13 08:31:24 UTC 2011

Hello all,

As part of the community grows older (yes, we do), I suppose that many
more of us have kids. And maybe you were thinking... "what i I bring
my family to Wikimania?" and thought "na, too complicated". Well, the
Haifa organizing team has been looking into babysitting/child care
solutions, and we have a potential solution for those of you who would
like to bring their kids to Haifa.

This said, we'd need to know whether or not you actually intend to
bring your kids. I'm bringing mine, they're a lot of fun, and would
love to have playmates to have fun with. So if you were asking
yourself whether this could be an option, I would love to know whether
or not it's something you've considered and if you've toyed with the
idea, think again, as we may have the perfect solution for you to
attend the conference and still make this a family holiday.

If you're interested in taking part in a babysitting solution, or
still have questions about whether or not it makes sense to bring your
kids, please send me an email at delphine [at] notafish (punto) org,
and we can discuss our options.




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