[Foundation-l] [Fwd: Re: Do WMF want enwp.org?]

Neil Harris neil at tonal.clara.co.uk
Wed May 11 10:46:09 UTC 2011

On 11/05/11 11:32, HW wrote:
> I think the advantage is that it would allow us to generalize the concept
> behind enwp.org, which is that we want short urls for all languages and all
> projects. I'm thinking along the lines of http://en.wp.w.org . From that
> angle I would say that short urls of this type have become rather popular.
> You could of course use goo.gl, but then your url is obfuscated, whereas in
> this case it's not.

I can't really see en.wp.w.org (11 characters, four components, hard to 
remember) as being that much better than en.wikipedia.org (16 
characters, three components, easier to remember, contains the Wikipedia 

enwp.org, on the other hand, is 8 characters long, has only two 
components, and is a natural contraction of en.wikipedia.org.

-- Neil

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