[Foundation-l] BDS (hopefully) FUD?

Kim Bruning kim at bruning.xs4all.nl
Tue Jun 28 16:13:54 UTC 2011

At least 1 BDS Activist has been running around on twitter telling people not to go to wikimania.

Our article on BDS:

BDS view and action on wikimania:

In particular, they state: 
" On the information page for the upcoming conference, the organizers also say, “Haifa is also easily accessible to the Palestinian
community, which is often left out of conferences such as Wikimania due to special difficulties. This community has a high rate of
Internet usage but little first-hand acquaintance with Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects.”

The statement, however, is not true. Participation for individuals from Gaza and the West Bank is impossible, unless they receive
special permits from the Israeli military to enter Israel in order to attend."

To be able to actively counter this claim, can we confirm that all palestinian wikimedians who want to come are indeed coming? 

	Kim Bruning

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