[Foundation-l] Global ban - poetlister?

Scott MacDonald doc.wikipedia at ntlworld.com
Fri Jun 3 23:36:51 UTC 2011

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> >> Right.  Merely staying pseudonymous or anonymous is supported, but
> >> taking on some other real life person's identity on English Language
> >> Wikipedia is clearly prohibited now, and should be.  It's bad for
> all
> >> the same reasons that real life identity theft is bad.
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> > Woah
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> > Taking on some other real life person's identity on English Language
> > Wikipedia IS real life identity theft!!!
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> > Remember, Wikipedia exists in the real world - not just in the one it
> > creates.
> they are only allegations until proven in a real world court.  and
> that has not happened.
> --
> John Vandenberg

Utterly irrelevant.

Poetlister (or Mr Baxter, or whatever) pretended to be a woman - and used
pictures of a real person of his acquaintance, without her permission - and
this screwed up "assume good faith" and "there's only allegations" approach
meant that we disbelieved the complaints made to us on behalf of the person
concerned. That's on top of the socking, harassment, and lies he told the
community. It looks like you are not recalling or aquatinted with the facts

No, they have not been "tested in a court of law" but they remain clear and
logical conclusions from evidence (and if I recall) the admissions of the
individual concerned. Please let's stop making excuses for this. 

I suspect others will be in a better position to fill you in than I am. 


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