[Foundation-l] OTRS

Huib Laurens sterkebak at gmail.com
Fri Jun 3 09:51:24 UTC 2011


I don't get it, why isn't it a problem when we start posting OTRS tickets to

The article was already deleted for more that 24 so there was no need to
give the information to SilverSpoon. SilverSpoon wasn't active with the
article so there was no need to share the information with him.

The OTRS agent told SilverSpoon that I (Huib) sended the e-mail, the e-mail
is send from my business account and the OTRS agent linked a business e-mail
to my private name, we didn't give any permission to link it to my account
nor I give any permission to tell people I sended that e-mail. If I would
liked to let everybody know that I sended it I would have signed it myself.

So if I understand correctly, its no problem that a OTRS agent posts a
e-mail to PASTEBIN and give private personal information about who sended
the ticket to non-involved users. And after that discuss the ticket
including the pastebin link in a public channel. After that we got a respond
from OTRS to our ticket saying that  the file is deleted and placing there
my personal name and making a attack towards my client.

Please tell me how this is not a problem, I believe my privacy is damaged,
my client thinks her privacy is dameged because of the accusation made by
the OTRS agent that she give me a task to promote her and that we are more
that "just" friends.

Please explain why Wikimedia Privacy Policy accept this? And is the
foundation taking steps towards the involved OTRS agents? One thing is sure,
I work with lot of writers and we will not ever give permission to Wikimedia
to use any of our content anymore.



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