[Foundation-l] OTRS

Huib Laurens sterkebak at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 20:01:11 UTC 2011


Than we have a problem here,

User Silverspoon publiced a e-mail I send to OTRS in a channel.

This e-mail (http://demo.wickedway.nl/temp/SS%20temp.jpg) is a e-mail I
sended to OTRS to release content. This e-mail was paste on pastebin to
discuss in a public IRC channel (

Silverspoon told me he had the information from user:FreakyFries. I tried to
make a complaint by Guillom, the OTRS admin and he says he doesn't give a
fuck. (http://demo.wickedway.nl/temp/ss%20temp3.jpg)

At this moment I believe my privacy has been abbused by linking me to a
website in a private channel, I would like to see what the foundation thinks
about this since the person in charge thinks its perfectly normal to publish
private e-mails.



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