[Foundation-l] WMF Board meetings, minutes and motions

Samuel J Klein sj at wikimedia.org
Wed Sep 8 09:45:32 UTC 2010


This is a quick update on recent and pending Board work.  I intend to
send these out on a regular basis, including the work of Board

== Summer meetings ==

In July, the Board held its summer meeting in Gdańsk before Wikimania.
We discussed internal Board committees, movement roles, and the last
stage of the strategic plan.   We agreed to try out a revised meeting
schedule this year, with additional IRC meetings and just three
in-person meetings, as well as a possible retreat (this would be the
first one in four years -- we would
finally need to disambiguate [[m:Board retreat]] ).

We said goodbye and a hearty thank you to Michael Snow, and welcomed
our new chapters-selected trustee, Phoebe Ayers.  New officers were
elected.  And the Trustees spent more time enjoying Wikimania than
has happened in recent memory - less overbooking, more time
participating in sessions.... a welcome change.

On August 31, we held the first IRC meeting of the fiscal year, to
review and discuss broad targets for the strategic plan.  Minutes of
that meeting will be posted shortly.

At the same time, we also approved the formation of Wikimedia Eesti.
Welcome to the Estonian chapter!  This chapter has the distinction of
having received approval without translating any of their core
documents into English.  (While I like this, I hope that ee. editors
will find time to update the Estonian pages on Meta to reflect the
current state of the projects, in the language of their choice...)

You can read the latest minutes and resolutions here:

== Upcoming meetings ==

The next meeting of the Board will be in San Francisco, October 8-9.
The agenda will include a review of the final version of the five-year
strategic plan, and the controversial content study facilitated by
Robert Harris.  Comments and suggestions on this and future meetings
are welcome:

Finally, there will be an informal open Wikimedia meeting Saturday,
September 11 on IRC, with our two newest Trustees.

On behalf of the Board,

Samuel Klein          identi.ca:sj           w:user:sj

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