[Foundation-l] Attack pages at Encyc. Dramatica

Fred Bauder fredbaud at fairpoint.net
Sat Oct 23 12:34:55 UTC 2010

> On Fri, Oct 22, 2010 at 17:00, M. Williamson <node.ue at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Whatever happened to freedom of speech? Encyclopedia Dramatica is a
>> parody site. Plenty of people have tried to shut them down before,
>> it's unlikely to ever happen (and in my opinion, should never happen).
>> If they have an offensive article about you, trying to get rid of it
>> will probably make it worse.
> What I do worry is the fact that we are not interesting to them
> anymore. It looks that they've stopped with adding new content related
> to Wikipedia two or three years ago.
> Being uninteresting to satirists means that you are not important
> anymore.

No, it just means that writing about us does not gain an advantage for
their site. An encyclopedia should be boring. There should be nothing in
it but old information everyone already knows.

Much of the excitement we've generated is that we make "what everybody
knows" available to everyone, a revolutionary change. Social power,
expressed in terms of information, is well expressed in in the saying:

They treat us like mushrooms...


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