[Foundation-l] Community Associates

Philippe Beaudette pbeaudette at wikimedia.org
Wed Oct 20 20:07:01 UTC 2010

On Oct 20, 2010, at 11:24 AM, Anirudh Bhati wrote:

> On Wed, Oct 20, 2010 at 11:12 PM, Philippe Beaudette
> <pbeaudette at wikimedia.org> wrote:
>> On Oct 20, 2010, at 5:46 AM, Anirudh Bhati wrote:
>>> Who are they and what do they do?
>>> Yours sincerely,
>>> Anirudh Bhati
>> Community Associate is a title that we've introduced primarily  
>> (though
>> not exclusively) for the fundraiser this year.  They are temporary
>> employees, generally engaged in making sure that people know about  
>> the
>> fundraiser, trying to convince various language wikis to participate
>> in the creation of new banners, working on our social media plan, and
>> a few other things.  They also help around the office with posting of
>> contributions to our various systems and general office-related help.
> Thanks for the response, Philippe.
> (1)  Can you please introduce them to the list?
> (2)  Can you please link me to the formal call for applications?
> Best,
> Anirudh

The announcement process is not mine to own... that's done by HR.   
It's been our process lately to announce them on the Twitter feed but  
not on the list.

These people all came in as a result of the community call for  
applications which ran a couple months ago.


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