[Foundation-l] Greg Kohs and Peter Damian

Robert S. Horning robert_horning at netzero.net
Mon Oct 18 05:34:20 UTC 2010

On 10/17/2010 11:01 PM, MZMcBride wrote:
> Fred Bauder wrote:
>> This list is for people who support the project, not those who are
>> actively opposing it or criticizing in public forums in exaggerated ways.
> Please don't stupidly spout off about the purpose of this list. Or if you
> insist on doing so, at least have the decency to be accurate. There is
> absolutely no issue with dissent on this list (or on any Wikimedia mailing
> list). Thoughtful critics and criticism should always be welcome. The view
> you're putting forward is simply and unequivocally wrong.
> MZMcBride
While I think this reply could have been a bit more tactful, the 
sentient is well founded:  This list includes a fair bit of dissent and 
controversy over the role of the Foundation in regards to the operations 
of the various Wikimedia projects.... controversy that in some cases 
I've started in the past in various capacities.  *I* have offered 
dissenting viewpoints on several key things in the past, so if it is 
those who are actively criticizing the foundation or the actions of 
"project leaders", perhaps I ought to be the next one banned from this list?

This is a years (nearly a decade?) old mailing list with a rich and 
varied history and a whole lot of participants.  The degree of 
toleration for dissent can and ought to be a central aspect to the 
governance of these projects, and in fact is one of the reasons why I 
still participate in one degree or another on the various projects.  
Indeed it is when intolerance has happened is when I've seen various 
projects or sub-projects start to die.

On occasion there might be somebody engaging in actions that are simply 
so over the top that it is necessary to take some action.  Without 
supporting or being critical of the current action, to which I don't 
feel I have enough information to pass judgment, I certainly hope any 
such action to block or restrict another person is something done with a 
sober mind and well thought through before the action is taken.  I 
remember when this was completely unmoderated to a degree that would not 
be tolerated today simply because of spam and pure junk.  If it becomes 
merely a pruning exercise to make more like minded people, you can count 
me out.  Until then, at least know that there are a great many reasons 
why people read and contribute to this list.

-- Robert Horning
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