[Foundation-l] Greg Kohs and Peter Damian

Marc Riddell michaeldavid86 at comcast.net
Mon Oct 18 01:49:33 UTC 2010

on 10/17/10 8:05 PM, Austin Hair at adhair at gmail.com wrote:

> Hi guys,
> After extensive discussion among the list administrators, we've
> enacted, for the first time, a permanent ban of a mailing list member.
> Greg Kohs is no longer welcome to participate on Foundation-l.
> Peter Damian has also been moderated once again, and will remain on
> moderation for the indefinite future.
Why? Would you like to share your reasoning with the rest of us? When
someone else decides that what another person has written isn't suitable for
someone else's eyes - what else do you call it but censorship. The only
reason words are ever banned is out of fear of the consequence of their use.
Has either of these persons threatened anyone with harm? As I understand
this Forum, it is for discussing all issues related to the Foundation that
controls the Project we are all working on. The Community should be able to
openly discuss all of the laundry that belongs to it - both clean and dirty.
This way, we may not always like what we hear, but we can always trust that
we are hearing it all.

Marc Riddell

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