[Foundation-l] Please delete mo. wikipedia: Coherent proposal

Gutza gutza at moongate.ro
Wed Oct 13 13:36:39 UTC 2010

 In light of all the arguments, political and otherwise, discussed here,
I propose the following:

    * Redirect mo.wiki to ro.wiki; I think this is undisputed, per the
      LoC recognition that Moldovan is deprecated;
    * Store the mo.wiki content, in whatever state it may be, for later use;
    * Implement a JavaScript gadget at ro.wiki that allows for
      on-the-fly transliteration to Cyrillic, for whoever prefers to
      read Romainan in Cyrillic; if the gadget can be designed in such a
      way that it also allows writing in Cyrillic (with automatic
      transliteration back to Latin before saving), then all the merrier;
    * If, in the future, the language committee receives a serious
      request for opening a distinct ro-cyrl.wiki project, the language
      committee will make a decision at that time, based on the
      realities of that moment; depending on the decisions made at that
      time, the content, interface translations and so on currently
      hosted at mo.wiki can be migrated to the new project.

My proposal is based on the following facts:

    * The Moldovan language proper is universally recognized as
    * Apart from Mark, nobody actually said they wanted to /read/, never
      mind write Romanian content in Cyrillic; the gadget I propose for
      ro.wiki would be more of a gesture of courtesy than any real help
      to anyone, but I think the community at ro.wiki wouldn't mind that.
    * We do not need to make decisions in the name of people who can't
      represent themselves. Milos has suggested that Mark represent the
      Transnitrians, but how would Mark know what they want? How is it
      reasonable to contemplate opening a new project that has no known
      readers, never mind contributors? Isn't it more logical to deal
      with that problem if and when it is actually raised?


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