[Foundation-l] Controversial Content Study Part 3

Andreas Kolbe jayen466 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 11 21:49:59 UTC 2010

Documentation of consent has been discussed several times on the COM:Sexual content talk page: 


One interesting idea raised a few days ago was that we could have a drop-down menu on the upload page for self-made images. This would give uploaders options like --

* any identifiable people have given their consent both for the image and its upload to Commons
* there are no identifiable people in the image
* etc.

It looks like the Commons Sexual content policy draft, which has been in the works for nearly half a year, will shortly be presented to the community.

Its proposed consent regulations are part of this section:



> Speaking as a rabid free speech advocate for a moment:
> Any of the home-made pornlike images, even assuming
> educational value,
> should be subject to really quite stringent checking of
> provenance.
> (Bot-checking of Flickr uploads doesn't cut it - and we do
> have pics
> like this that have had that little checking.) Possibly up
> to the
> level of paperwork filed with WMF, I dunno. But we are
> supposed to be
> a somewhat curated repository, after all.
> The level of this should be decided on Commons, but given
> it's a
> BLP-like subject area - the possibility of severe
> reputational harm to
> living persons - I am quite confident the community can
> come up with
> something workable that does the right thing but provides
> suitable
> examples of early 21st century home-made porn that the
> academics of
> the future will be profoundly grateful we collected and
> categorised.
> (cc to commons-l - I'd set followup-to there, but Gmail is
> not that versatile)


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