[Foundation-l] How to improve quality of Wikipedia?

Przykuta przykuta at o2.pl
Mon Oct 11 06:37:25 UTC 2010

> The Russian Wikipedia has copied your Mistakes report script but we often
> transfer the reports to the discussion pages for  correction of  wikipedians
> looking after their articles.
> Victoria

In pl wiki reports are moved too, but only if problem is not solved on the "Zgłoś błąd" site. Sometimes we transfer problems to wikiprojects.

BTW - I've seen, that in some (smaller) Wikipedias newbies are welcome by bots. We try welcome only users with any activity and newbies are welcome by [[MediaWiki:Welcomecreation]] page with links to help pages.

Thx Victoria for info about "special actions" in ru wiki. I know them, we create some actions too, but "cup system" after huge WikiRPG in 2006 is closed. Too much fights.


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