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M. Williamson node.ue at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 19:03:56 UTC 2010

Marcus, thank you for the test. I don't think anybody doubts or
doubted that this is possible - of course a few more rules need to be
added, for example ea is almost always converted to cyrillic Ya, with
special exceptions, and several other minor mistakes, but that isn't
anything to do with the actual technical feasibility.

The only problem I have with this is: why should it be read-only? I
have mentioned it before and I will say again, it is not fair. It
violates the Wiki principle of "anyone can edit". Having a Wiki that
is read-only and that Cyrillic editors cannot edit in Cyrillic is, in
my opinion, never ok.


2010/10/5 Marcus Buck <me at marcusbuck.org>:
>  Have a look at <http://www.marcusbuck.org/ro/>. It's a quick demo of
> ro.wp content converted to Cyrillic. It's just a tiny extract of about
> 50 ro.wp articles (I wanted to import the full dump, but I have a
> limited bandwidth connection and the dump upload failed at 90% of the
> 1GB file). The conversion isn't perfect yet, some special cases are
> missing, but nothing that cannot be fixed relatively easily. It took me
> about 30 min to get this result.
> The demo doesn't support Commons images, interwiki links, templates etc.
> but all this would work on a real Wikimedia wiki.
> Things that won't work without syntactical support in the ro.wp source
> (and ro.wp won't agree to put -{...}- syntactical markers into their
> articles):
> - foreign names will be converted even when inappropiate
> - Roman numbers will be converted (a conversion exception could be added
> for Roman numbers, but that can also affect strings that just look like
> Roman numbers)
> Apart from the mentioned issues most of the converted articles look okay
> to me. I wish to emphasize the word "look". I don't speak a word
> Romanian and even less so when it's written in Cyrillic.
> So if Wikimedia wanted to support a read-only Romanian in Cyrillic wiki
> at ro-cyrl.wikipedia.org it could easily go live in one day. From a
> technical point of view it's not hard.
> Marcus Buck
> User:Slomox
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