[Foundation-l] Has Wikipedia changed since 2005?

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> I am sincerely asking you, without insinuation: how do you know you're
> not one of them? What's the difference between the one who knows he
> knows and the one who doesn't know he doesn't know if it's only about
> self-perception (or social perception)?
> Where is the universality of knowledge in this conception if it boils
> down to intimate convictions ?

There are well-established mechanisms for determining this.  I have had many 
papers published, I am currently working collaboratively with another 
academic on a book on medieval philosophy. I have no problem working with 
people who understand the rules, I am told the quality of my work is good. 
There are objective mechanisms for determining whether someone is a crank.

I admit to having a seriously short fuse, and that was my main problem in 
working in Wikipedia.  But that is different from the issue you are talking 

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