[Foundation-l] Has Wikipedia changed since 2005?

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>> "Philosophy: I'm a philosopher; why don't I edit the article on my 
>> subject?
>> Because it's hopeless. I've tried at various times, and each time have 
>> given
>> up in depressed disgust. Philosophy seems to attract aggressive zealots 
>> who
>> know a little (often a very little), who lack understanding of key 
>> concepts,
>> terms, etc., and who attempt to take over the article (and its Talk page)
>> with rambling, ground-shifting, often barely comprehensible rants against
>> those who disagree with them. Life's too short. I just tell my students 
>> and
>> anyone else I know not to read the Wikipedia article except for a laugh.
>> It's one of those areas where the ochlocratic nature of Wikipedia really
>> comes a cropper".
> I've read this text like 3 or 4 times in this discussion now. Why are
> you repeating this argument? Do you wish specific comments about it?

When someone understands the importance of it, or shows they have taken the 
point on board, then I don't need to repeat it.  Enough said. 

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