[Foundation-l] Along with Vector, a new look for changes to the Wikipedia identity

quiddity pandiculation at gmail.com
Thu May 13 22:33:04 UTC 2010

That's the clearest demonstration of the difference in size. New and
Old compared. Both images are 250pixels wide. They should be basically
equal, but are not.

Those 2 images also clearly show the difference in detail, and why
people are calling the new logo "flat", and the middle-line "too

The "unbalanced" problem, is possibly due to the location of the
individual glyphs within each separate puzzle piece. Previously, the
glyphs were more in line with each other (the glyphs were almost
parallel horizontally, if the globe was rotated to be straight). The
new logo changes that, and places the glyphs in a distinct zigzag, up
and down, around each horizontal band. This "unbalance" however is
something that we might just need to get used to. A rotating animation
might make it clearer what the intention is.

The size and flatness however are severe problems.

Hope that helps. Quiddity

On Thu, May 13, 2010 at 11:44 AM, Jay Walsh <jwalsh at wikimedia.org> wrote:
> Thanks, Lodewijk
> We've seen a lot of comments about the size of the puzzle globe, and I don't disagree that it might benefit from being increased in size slightly.  I feel this might also affect the overall contrast and definition.  The whole usability team is collecting feedback on this, and part of that is the overall shape and size of the identity.
> Thanks
> jay

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