[Foundation-l] Weekly Flagged Protection update

William Pietri william at scissor.com
Fri Mar 26 01:05:53 UTC 2010

As requested, here's the weekly Flagged Protection update.

This week we've seen a lot of helpful testing from at least 15 people, 
and we'd love to see more before launch.

To participate, start here:


To see what we've changed this week, there's a list here:


To see the upcoming work, it's listed in our tracker,  under Current and 


There will likely be more work than that before launch as user feedback 
comes in; we just added a number of items based on tester feedback.  But 
if this week's feedback is any guide, we don't appear to have much major 
work remaining.

We expect to release again next week, and each week thereafter until 
this goes live on the English Wikipedia.


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