[Foundation-l] The imminent Usability improvements

Gerard Meijssen gerard.meijssen at gmail.com
Wed Mar 24 09:23:40 UTC 2010

After a long time of development, the software that brings much improved
usability is scheduled to go live around the end of April, the beginning of
May. This will mark a big change in the MediaWiki software. I expect that as
a consequence the composition of the "most used" messages will change. This
means that for those languages that have not localised the messages
associated with the usability initiative the quality of the user experience
will suffer.

While the benefits of the new software are obvious, it means that many
people will need to adjust to the new software. For people who speak English
it will be relatively easy but it is realistic that the people who do not
speak English will suffer.

It is for this reason that I urge everyone on behalf of the teams of both
the usability initiative and translatewiki.net to help us in a drive to have
at least 100 languages completely ready by the time of my birthday .. May 7.
I love surprises so I would not mind if I get more then I ask for :)

When you finish the usability localisation for your language please let us
know.. ping, mail, tweet.. We need the stimulus of your success.


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