[Foundation-l] Fwd: Pt-Portuguese Wikipedia

Marcus Buck me at marcusbuck.org
Mon Mar 22 20:24:47 UTC 2010

Thomas Dalton hett schreven:
> On 22 March 2010 19:01, Virgilio A. P. Machado <vam at fct.unl.pt> wrote:
>> Perhaps the reason the issue keeps popping up is
>> that, although it has been extensively
>> «discussed», it has not been properly addressed, much less solved.
> I think the reason it has never been addressed is that nobody outside
> the Portuguese community can see a problem. It all seems to be a lot
> of fuss about nothing. That means the wider Wikimedia community will
> never accept a two-wiki solution and the most obvious one-wiki
> solution is the one used by the English Wikipedia, namely: stop
> complaining and just write encyclopaedia articles. We're not going to
> indulge a community engaged in a childish argument about nothing.
I hope you speak Portuguese. Cause decisions like this should be made by 
people who know the language variants and their differences and not by 
outsiders. Leave the decision to the speakers of Portuguese. Anyway it 
seems that the majority of speakers does not want to split. Outsiders 
can assist by giving advice. E.g. how to minimize the problems that 
arise from the differences. But outsiders shouldn't impose decisions on 
the community.

Marcus Buck

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