[Foundation-l] Changes in Language committee practice: ancient and constructed languages

Marcus Buck me at marcusbuck.org
Sun Mar 14 11:38:00 UTC 2010

Milos Rancic hett schreven:
> If it is about a language of population which has 1000 persons on
> Internet (because there there are just 1000 speakers of that language
> in a highly developed area or because they belong to 0.01% of
> population which has internet access in highly undeveloped area), it
> would be really unfair not to give a project to one or two highly
> devoted persons. But, it is usually about Wikipedia.
Yes, we should highlight the fact that our projects are quite different. 
The requisites for "sustainable activity" should reflect that. A 
Wikipedia shouldn't be written by a single individual cause then there 
would be nobody who could act as a corrective if the single individual 
starts to drift away from the basic Wikipedia policies or from NPOV. But 
I see no problem in a single individual working on a Wikisource. 
Wikisource material is fixed and timeless. It's not meant to change. 
Even if the single individual abandons Wikisource completely the content 
is still there and keeps its usefulness. That's very different from e.g. 
Wikinews where a few days without activity will render the project 
almost meaningless. So the requisites for "sustainable activity" should 
be quite low for Wikisource, but much higher for Wikinews, Wikipedia 
being somewhere between.

Marcus Buck

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