[Foundation-l] Internet nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Thu Mar 11 19:18:56 UTC 2010

Brian J Mingus wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 11, 2010 at 11:20 AM, Michael Snow wrote:
>> It's not that those discussions wouldn't be relevant to have on this
>> list, and periodically people try and encourage others to move them to a
>> more public setting. It's that when this list continues to show a
>> tendency for conversation to degenerate, as it just did, then it's quite
>> hard to persuade people that they should want to have their discussions
>> here.
> You believe that my reply to Tim is degenerate? That is offensive.

There's a big difference between "degenerate" as a verb, and the same 
word as an adjective. The adjective is full of additional connotations.

Past practice has shown that that the most effective way to keep a 
thread alive is to try to get it stopped.


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