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Sat Mar 6 15:21:25 UTC 2010

2010/3/6 ksaka98 <ksaka98 at gmail.com>:
> Hi from jawp.
> 山吹色の御菓子(kigen2700nen) 's question is
> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/wiki/foundation/190708#190708
> Wikipedia英語版にはWikipedia's principlesがあります。
> これは、各言語版に於いて参加者の裁量で自由に変更することができるのですか?
> Wikipedia英語版にあるprinciple and guidelinesを純粋にコピーアンドペーストしたものを、
> コミュニティの合意が無くてもprinciple and guidelinesにすること可能ですか?
> コミュニティの合意が無いprinciple and guidelinesは有効ですか?
> policy とguidelineは各言語版のコミュニティの合意を得ずに、英語版からコピーアンドペーストし、policyまたはguidelineのテンプレートを付けた文書は有効ですか?日本語版ではスタートしたときからコミュニティの合意を得ず、policy
> またはguidelineのテンプレートを付けた文書を使用していますが、これらは英語版と違反していても有効なのですか。
> translation:(I'm not good at english, too)
> There is a wikipedia's principle on enwp. (maybe "wikipedia's
> policys". [[Wikipedia:Principles]] redirect to Wikipedia:Five pillars)
> Can editers change Wikipedia's principles(policys) at the discretion
> of the participants of local project?
> Can anyone make an document copy-and-pasted from principles(policys)
> or guideline in enwp to policy or guideline in jawp without consensus
> ?
> Is policy or guideline without consensus valid ?

I think that the rough idea of policies included in "five pillars"
should be applied in all Wikipedias, but it does not mean that they
have to be applied as direct translations - i.e each project has a
right to rephrase the text of these policies according to its
historical and cultural background - as long as the core meaning of
the rule is not changed. Bear in mind that five pillars were also
adopted in English Wikipedia gradually - ie. the text of them changed
over the time substantially and it is even changing right now.

All other policies can but not need to be applied. At least in Polish
Wikipedia it works in such a way that we look at policies on English,
German and other Wikipedias and apply some of them directly, some
after rephrasing some we do not apply at all, and we have some
regulation which are Polish-specific only  :-)

Tomek "Polimerek" Ganicz

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