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Hi from jawp.

山吹色の御菓子(kigen2700nen) 's question is


Wikipedia英語版にはWikipedia's principlesがあります。

Wikipedia英語版にあるprinciple and guidelinesを純粋にコピーアンドペーストしたものを、
コミュニティの合意が無くてもprinciple and guidelinesにすること可能ですか?

コミュニティの合意が無いprinciple and guidelinesは有効ですか?

policy とguidelineは各言語版のコミュニティの合意を得ずに、英語版からコピーアンドペーストし、policyまたはguidelineのテンプレートを付けた文書は有効ですか?日本語版ではスタートしたときからコミュニティの合意を得ず、policy

translation:(I'm not good at english, too)

There is a wikipedia's principle on enwp. (maybe "wikipedia's
policys". [[Wikipedia:Principles]] redirect to Wikipedia:Five pillars)

Can editers change Wikipedia's principles(policys) at the discretion
of the participants of local project?

Can anyone make an document copy-and-pasted from principles(policys)
or guideline in enwp to policy or guideline in jawp without consensus

Is policy or guideline without consensus valid ?


User:Kurz translated [[en:Wikipedia:Policies and guidelines#Role]],
[[en:Wikipedia:Policies and guidelines#Life cycle]] and bring into
[[Wikipedia:基本方針とガイドライン]](policy in jawp equivalent to
"Wikipedia:Policies and guidelines") at 2010-02-09T10:05:15.

山吹色の御菓子(kigen2700nen) insists that all policys and guidelines which
are not obviously established consensus on its notepage must be

(talkpage of project in jawp equivalent to "Wikipedia talk:WikiProject
Policy matters")

In my opinion,

Even though policys and guidelines which are not obviously established
consensus on its notepage, we should hold them as policy or guideline.

Many of trancelated policyes and guidelines reflect established
consensus in enwp, and also reflect consensus in jawp as a result of
the editing process after translated.

Needless to say, anyone can challenge for changing policy or guideline


Ks aka 98

2010/3/6 Ilario Valdelli <valdelli at gmail.com>:
> kigen2700nen at gmail.com wrote:
>> In Wikipedia Japanese version, the document with the template of principle
>> and guidelines up to the present time was operated from the start without
>> obtaining the mutual agreement of the community. In Wikipedia Japanese
>> version, the participant was doing principle and guidelines without
>> permission until 2007. The community simply solved by the decision by
>> majority without understanding Wikipedia 's principles until February, 2010
> In general the principles of Wikipedia are the same for any communities.
> Neutral point of view, for example, is a basic principle which could not
> be changed.
> Any community could change everything which is connected with the
> application of these principles. The users decide the better way to
> reach these principles.
> If a community cannot applies the template of another community probably
> it's time to stop and to think which community has taken a bad way and
> who is applying principles decided internally but completely different
> from those of Wikipedia.
> What you are saying about Japanese Wikipedia it's very dangerous because
> the community *cannot rewrite* the Wikipedia's principles.
> In my opinion the Japanese question should be investigated in detail.
> Ilario
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