[Foundation-l] Sue Gardner, Erik Möller , William Pietri: Where is FlaggedRevisions?

William Pietri william at scissor.com
Mon Mar 1 03:16:31 UTC 2010

On 02/28/2010 03:26 PM, MZMcBride wrote:
> It's a simple question: what the fuck is the hold-up for FlaggedRevisions on
> the English Wikipedia?

If people have questions like this, I'd encourage them to drop me a note 
before they get to the swearing-in-frustration stage. I try to check my 
talk page at least daily, and I must check my email 20 times a day. 
There's no benefit to getting wound up; surplus angst does not help 
either the coding or the communicating about it.

As I mentioned in the blog post, you can follow the software development 
progress in detail here:


As you can see, we have a bunch of completed changes that need to be 
deployed to an environment where we can get real feedback on them. Once 
we get the feedback from the community, we'll have a better idea of how 
close we are to releasing to the English Wikipedia.

The thing we're working on right now is moving flaggedrevs.labs to 
different hardware. That site is currently running on the production 
cluster, and we can't release new test versions of the software there 
without risk of trouble for production wikis using FlaggedRevs.

Rob Halsell has recycled an old server for our use, and we are working 
to get it configured in a way that's enough like the production 
environment that we will have some confidence that a successful test 
there will mean a successful rollout on the English Wikipedia. 
Unfortunately, the production environment is complicated, and Rob has a 
lot on his plate, probably too much, so this is taking a while.

As soon as that's ready, I will be very excited to put up test versions 
of both the English Wikipedia and the German one, so that the community 
can test, give feedback, and opine on whether it's ready to go.


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